ChangeStrat helps companies understand their options, set their direction, and plan their transformation journey in times of challenge and opportunity.

Our goal is to help businesses achieve their next level by creating compelling experiences and realizing tangible financial results through the alignment of optimized systems, structures, culture & practices. 

ChangeStrat will work with your business in a capacity that suits your needs from initiative based consulting, ongoing advisory or coaching, or fractional executive services.

Innovation and Strategy

Assessment and guidance to help you define and design your business.

As our environment rapidly changes, companies must develop the internal proficiency to identify opportunities and innovative market and operational responses.

  • Market Strategy
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Target Operating Model Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Agility

Turnaround and Optimization

Moving beyond strategy to help you define your optimal target operating model.

Successful organizations create both timely and sustainable financial and operational results with a balance of long term foundational change and impactful near term adjustments.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Programs
  • Organizational Restructuring and Outsourcing
  • Target Operating Model Realization/Execution
  • Talent Optimization

Transformation and Adaptability

Provides strategies to help you successfully adapt, now and over time.

Today companies must instill the desire and capability to continuously align what the market wants, the experience they are providing, and how it is delivered to ensure long term success.

  • Transformation Program Development/Design
  • Change Leadership and Management
  • Culture Change
  • Leadership Coaching